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Introducing our Co-Founder at Ekasiri, Greeshma, a dynamic professional with a diverse background. Formerly an esteemed employee at Wells Fargo, she brings with her a wealth of expertise in financial analyisis. Beyond her professional accomplishments, She is a devoted mother to a vibrant three-year-old boy and the supportive wife of an Army officer. Her multifaceted experiences have endowed her with resilience, adaptability, and a unique perspective that enriches our team at Ekasiri. Committed to driving positive change and making a difference, she plays an instrumental role in shaping our brand's vision and values.



Introducing Aparna, the Co-Founder of EkaSiri, With a rich background as a lecturer for seven years at St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Aparna has always been driven by a passion for inspiring minds and fostering intellectual growth. Her transition from academia to the tech industry as a Talent Acquisition Executive and subsequently as an entrepreneur reflects her adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside her entrepreneurial journey, Aparna is currently pursuing a PhD in Text Mining, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and innovation. At EkaSiri, she is on a mission to introduce the world to the rich cultural heritage and health benefits of meticulously crafted Betel Brews. 

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